What is e-AWB?

The paper air waybill is a critical air cargo document that constitutes the contract of carriage between the ‘shipper’ (direct shipper or freight forwarder acting on behalf of the shipper) and the ‘carrier’ (airline).

‘e-AWB’ is the term IATA uses to describe the interchange of electronic data (EDI) messages, in lieu of a paper air waybill, to conclude the contract of carriage.

Benefits of e-AWB

Exempt from paying the documentation fee – Saving you money.

Improves accuracy and visibility of air waybill data

Reduction in shipment handling delay occurrences due to missing or illegible paper air waybill

Elimination of the requirements to file paper air waybill

Management of trade barriers by facilitating advance electronic information requirements

Real-time access to air waybill data for all personnel from all locations

The E-AWB system is accessible on our website, both parties -The Client and Airlink Cargo must sign an agreement prior to accessing the e-AWB portal.